FEBRUARY 14, 2020
The Brookings Bulletin is a student newsletter written by the students of the Brookings-Harbor High School, and supervised and edited by school staff.

Jacob Benson, Editor in Chief
Hayden Betzinger
Daniel Manoa
Lauren Roots

Past Issues
Feb 14 2020
Student news publications are governed by Brookings-Harbor School District 17c Board Policies, in particular policy IGDB-AR Student Publications. http://policy.osba.org/brookings/I/IGDB%20R%20D1.PDF For more information regarding this publication, please contact Judy Durkin at: judithd@brookings.k12.or.us.
This is the brookings harbor high school newspaper. This newspaper is a bit different from last year’s paper, but still hosts the same kinds of articles. Join us every week to catch up on all the news about the events that happened around school. The student staff of the newspaper are excited to bring this into our school. Our goal for the newspaper is to help and provide people with information so we can grow into a better community together. 
Doernbecker's Childrens Hospital Charity Event on Friday 9th
On Friday the 7th of February we had a school assembly for the first half hour of cohort, in which the Doerenbecher children’s hospital was discussed. We want to acknowledge this hospital and the work they do to help children live a better life. As a connection to Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Doernbecher is a Children’s Hospital providing the best treatments in the State of Oregon. A main part of this children’s hospital is their research with Gleevec, a pill used to change the way we treat cancer, and was first tested on children in Doernbechers and was successful. This pill can revolutionize cancer treatment. Not only does Doernbecher do research on childhood cancer but they also have done and are still doing research on genetic and other diseases in children. For more information, visit the Dorenbecher website. http://ohsu.edu/doernbech

Teacher work day on the 14th of Febuary cancelled

There was supposed to be a day off on February 14, and it was approved as an off day by the school board. However we are now going to school on that day and it will be a Gold day. There will still be a day off on the 17th for President’s day.

Thank You to our Counselors!

We want to give another recognition to our counselors Mrs. Battleson and Mrs. Fulton of being helpful to all the students by ensuring that our students have someone to talk to. Thank you! 

Varsity game results

Friday night there was a home Varsity basketball game versus Sutherlin for both boys and girls. The scores were Boys 34-50 and Girls 33-49. There was also a color guard performance.